The Global Consciousness Reset
is Happening Now!

Who We Are

We are dedicated to working with all people - through the universal need to connect and to Heal

Who are we? The Shift Foundation, a Texas non-profit, is focused on growing  a a community of volunteers, healers, practitioners, free-thinkers, artists, networkers, guided souls and like-minds to help facilitate the shift in human awareness. As a non-profit organization, our core volunteers are here to connect, help unify and assist in healing those who are facing issues that require more than just physical and material support, those who need a better understanding consciousness and support of spirit. 

Members of The Shift Foundation and extended community are also involved with works nationally and internationally, lecture and teaching on various aspects of the global transformation.

Our Approach

The Shift Foundation

Originally founded in 2005 as an alternative spiritual development & non-profit charitable organization, “The Foundation for Spiritual Advancement”, we have since gone through a number of incarnations. In 2008 the concept for “The Shift Foundation” was created. In 2016, we decided to re-vamp the non-profit association with an emphasis on spiritual engagement and a more participatory role with teachings, offerings, ceremonies & the ritual experience.
We are still involved with lectures, classes, workshops and counseling – publicly, privately and online.
Our current directors are:
-Russ von Ohlhausen
-Shannon Gill
-Sarah Buss

— Our Mission

To share what we have and what we have learned with others as we move faster towards the “Shift” of human awareness. Moving from a focus on the big “I” of self, to the little “i” with the Self.

— Our Vision

Our vision may be sometimes limited and may not be always 20/20 but we see everything as Illuminated from within! We work with what we have and how we find things to be. And we strive to leave it better than we found it. That is our vision.

— Our Story

We realize we are each be initiated from our personal story, into a higher understanding of the Cosmic Story. Enjoy your story – but leave it at the gate! 

Short Personal Bios:

Russ von Ohlhauseis a research astrologer & consciousness catalyzer. His work echoes a synthesis of spiritual & material observance commingled with science, religion, myth, metaphysics & most importantlynature. His work on, Celestia Mathematica & The Fibonacci Zodiac has been introduced as a foundational theory of astrological mechanics. Creator of Zodiac Faces: Planetary Physiognomy, The Holy Myth, Zodiac Image Project. He co-founded the Astrological Society of Austin in 2005, as well as The Foundation for Spiritual Advancement which, along with his partner astrologer Shannon Gill, he helped transform into the the The Shift Foundation in 2017. They work with cosmic embodiment through head, heart & hands, rooted in sacred dance & ceremony. 

Shannon Gill is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Jungian Counselor and agent of personal and collective transformation. With a background in Buddhist psychology, Dance Therapy, archetypal soul-work and indigenous ceremonial arts, Shannon facilitates transformative personal and group experiences utilizing the integration of the wisdom of the cosmos, embodiment practices, sacred ceremony and ritual. Shannon has a private practice, teaches astrology, hosts workshops, and has served as President of the Astrological Society of Austin. She is the creator of “Rhythm Sanctuary” Ecstatic Dance in Boulder, CO, and seeded dances in Denver and Austin. Co-founder of The Shift Foundation “ASTRAM- Astrologer’s Alliance”, Kalachakra yoga.

** The Shift Foundation is a non-profit organization formed in the State of Texas and is not directly affiliated with The Shift Network, Inc. Though like a number organizations there is similar focus on raising consciousness through lectures, courses and ceremonial gatherings. The Shift Foundation is primarily rooted in the merger of ancient teachings and modern techniques to offer a ‘new’ spiritual science. 

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