SEVA means "to Serve"

We are here to Serve… and receive!

Do you need a spiritual ‘reset’ and a little getaway, and you’d love to offer your energy in service? The Shift Foundation is in alliance with the gorgeous Yoga retreat center, ‘Samadhi’ with the spectacular cedar pyramid outside Wimberley, Texas!

Samadhi is in process of expanding their operations and in need of a few helping hands to move the projects forward. If you are able to getaway for a day or two (or more!) and assist, you will be invited to spend the night in one of the spectacular ‘Glamps’ or in one of the cozy cabins, as well as meditate or do yoga in the pyramid!

Here are a list of potential jobs at the sanctuary:

  • Finish Handicap ramp (need cordless driver for screws)
  • Sand and paint white fences
  • Sand and paint barn porches
  • Creating rock paths( Path of Silence and hiking trails)
  • Cleaning windows inside and out
  • Clearing dead wood away from path of silence/pyramid
  • Clearing and cutting dead wood on trails and around land  (fire mitigation)
  • Staining Glamps and Decks
  • Clean up of ponds/streams of dead foliage
  • Weed eat/ leaf blowing
  • Weeding labyrinth
  • Painting wood signs
  • Dust/Polish Main Cabin and LIttle Log wood walls with orange oil
  • Clean under beds in Little Log
  • Carpentry : Trim in Little Log, redo pyramid outhouse bathroom door, finish railing on top of Heavenly View, shelves in Bathhouse laundry and closet
  • Help build garden fence
  • Wheel barrels of soil to green house garden beds
  • Clean up chicken coop area
  • Clean/sand and paint rusted swing at bathhouse
  • Helping with general cleaning and clean up on land

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