In 2005, the seeds of Rhythm Sanctuary Ecstatic Dance were planted by Shannon Gill-von Ohlhausen (Jones) in her home in Boulder, Colorado. Later that year, they rented the Avalon, a 5000 sqft dance hall, and grew the movement in central Colorado. In 2009, she co-founded the Denver community of Rhythm Sanctuary. 



Come dance the Cycle of Life, THE WAVE. Generally, a wave is an hour to an hour-and-a-half, consisting of a seasonal cycle of birth, growth, life and cessation. 


The challenge is to dance The Wave, regardless of how you may feel about the music, or the themes, those around you, or your inner tensions. The work is to transcend those parts of life to feel the embodiment without & the spirit within.


There is NO TALKING on the Dance Floor, NO SHOES we are bare- or sock- footed, there are NO OBLIGATIONS to dance with anyone and you may dance with everyone who wishes!




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