Keynote Talk

Mikki Willis

Shannon Lei Gill

RVO Headshot Transparent

Russ von Ohlhausen

Master of Ceremonies & Guest Interviewer

Sati Cabral

Camille Macres

The time is NOW for us to gather and come to a deeper discovery of our place in this monumental time in history! This will be a multi-sensorial interactive gathering intended to energize, uplift, and unify, as we face the obvious challenges that have arrived at this evolutionary moment in history.

With a synthesis of mind, body, spirit & stars, we’ll provide a broad non-dual perspective to the current dialogue, as we openly discuss the urgent and relevant matters of the impending dangers to our health and to our freedoms. We are striving to reframe the personal inner narrative from one driven by fear of external events to one motivated by self-empowered healing and hope from within. Utilizing the collective wisdom handed down from the past, this fuller insight re-contextualizes the current world events.

The ‘truth’ is where our ‘science’ & religion does not dare to go for now; yet, it can be found in the foresight that has been left for us in all faiths and philosophies. To those who have ‘ears’ to hear, and ‘eyes’ to see. Humanity will no longer require direct guidance by others, as we learn to develop our own “inner knowing” to guide ourselves. While many are choosing to relinquish their freedoms, many others are just awakening to claim their sovereignty. We are offering practical navigation skills such as precision of mind for preserving our independent “frequency” and finding coherence with source consciousness.

We hope to motivate heads, hearts & hands into taking action for fortifying our community, our families, and ourselves to fully engage the spiritual battle we are now in, both personally & collectively.

𝗠𝗶𝗸𝗸𝗶 𝗪𝗶𝗹𝗹𝗶𝘀 & Elevate

Founder of Elevate; a production company on a mission, Elevate is one of the most prolific creators of socially conscious media. As a filmmaker he has been granted rare access into the minds and hearts of world re-known philosophers, scientists, physicists, doctors, authors, shamans, and human development experts. As a director he has helmed numerous award winning and record setting productions, including theatrical features, network television specials, commercials, and music videos for platinum artists. Mikki is the producer of the Plandemic Series of films.


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