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Building A New Organization

You might be saying to yourself… “I know I have been getting periodic updates for events through The Shift Foundation for years but I notice it has been shifting lately (pun intended).”  Or, you may be thinking “I recall seeing ASTRAM on some of the metaphysical event promos that I attended around Austin, at Lotus Bend, or hosted by Shannon Gill & Russ Ohlhausen through The Shift organization and their facilitators.”  Or, maybe you haven’t noticed anything and are just happy to be getting our updates, gatherings and offerings.

We’ve spent many years cultivating various communities, fostering networks and organizations locally, nationally and even overseas for over two decades. As things have expanded, we have catered to each of these communities independently, despite the expanding work load that comes with it.

Since the beginning of pandemic, we have debated how best to move forward with our projects, as things have changed. Many groups have opted to go ONLINE only, while others have SPLIT or DISSOLVED entirely. We have held the reigns for our official non-profit (The Shift Foundation) and continued it’s work both online and in-person, and we plan to keep growing. 

Though we are astrologers, even we don’t know exactly what the future holds for the rapidly cycling needs and changing requirements for our new social reality (but we have a pretty good idea that things will be increasingly different than they have been in the past).

So with what has been taking place behind the scenes, we are announcing a new singular direction for these various initiatives. We will be redirecting and consolidating our efforts in 2022, under one name, ASTRAM. The Shift Foundation, will still provide the non-profit status for our volunteer projects and for the upcoming ASTRAM Academy and the ASTRAM Meta-Science Alliance. Human consciousness is rapidly shifting and we are refining our purpose and functions along with it. 


Shannon Gill & Russell von Ohlhausen 


“ASTRAM-Sanskrit, the supreme celestial ‘weapon’ of knowledge of the stars by which one achieves perfection.” ‘Astra’ with the feminine ‘m’ suffix, is described as a tool of the Heavens (the circle), the lightening of bolt (vajra) of awareness, striking the Earth (the line) charging the elements (4 colored knots), wiping away ignorance and/or destroy the ignorant. 

For those who chose to remain in ego and not recognize one’s connection to divinity, this awareness will come to dismantle one world and empower the next. 



College football star & NFL phenom, Ricky Willams, teaching a class on Vedic Astrology to the ASTRAM group in Austin, Texas.

The ASTRAM Initiative is the meta-science networking & teaching platform dedicated to preserving the ancient wisdoms and practices. Through ASTRAM, we connect the “as above” to “so below” in order to integrate the awareness of our part within the natural order and cycles. We bring international teachers and speakers to Central Texas.. 

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