“ASTRAM-Sanskrit, the supreme celestial ‘weapon’ of knowledge of the stars by which one achieves perfection.” ‘Astra’ with the feminine ‘m’ suffix, is described as a tool of the heavens, the lightening of bolt of Vajra of awareness, which can wipe away all ignorance or destroy the ignorant. 

For those who chose to remain in ego and not recognize one’s connection to divinity, this awareness will come to dismantle one world and empower the next. 



AA-ASA Ricky Williams
Here, college football star & NFL phenom, Ricky Willams teaching a class on Vedic Astrology to the astrology group in Austin, Texas.

The ASTRAM Initiative is the meta-science networking & teaching platform dedicated to preserving the ancient wisdoms and practices. Through ASTRAM, we connect the “as above” to “so below” in order to integrate the awareness of our part within the natural order and cycles. 

We bring international teachers and speakers to Central Texas and we organize local practitioners as well. 


ASTRAM is the network and teaching initiative created to connect and support light workers & healers who also may use astrology as a common language. The Astrological Society of Austin was founded in 2005, officially organized in 2006, and quickly became the primary hub for astrology in Central Texas. It evolved into loose network of local, national and international level teachers & speakers. After 14 years (half Saturn cycle) the ASA merged into ASTRAM to focus in other modalities and methods for outreach beyond the local scope. 




In light of the special circumstances with pandemic, our online connections & meetings have taken priority. More online and and in-person events are being planned and scheduled for the Fall of 2021 and for 2022. 

We will occasionally invite local speakers to share their thoughts and insights into the many layers of the meta-sciences, science and conscious raising.  Come join The Shift at Samadhi! 

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