Conscious Alignment SUnday Socials


Once-a-month Discussion

The Greek priestess Cassandra was blessed with the utterances of prophetic truth, yet cursed to never be believed. Many in the world at this time have a difficult time believing that there is a massive global shift of human consciousness taking place right on the planet (and the vast spectrum of light and dark that this entails) despite all evidences to the contrary. 

We stand at a colossal threshold between the Ages and need to remember that we chose to be ‘boots on the ground’ as we traverse the global alchemical cauldron while building the bridge to the New World. 

We now begin our ‘conscious salons’, regularly scheduled gatherings of like minded, higher thinking leaders, who have a range of insights about the state of the world, both inner and outer, and our progress into the process of evolutionary awakening. 

These salons are being initiated to stay current with the landscape that is changing at an exponential pace and raise the state of conscious non-dualistic discourse, by integrating wisdom of spiritual disciplines with the knowledge of our place in the cosmic order, practical preparation explorations, and high frequency-focused meditations. 

We will have:
  • Monthly planetary updates
  • Guided topic discussions 
  • Meditation
  • Social time
  • Celebratory dance!
  • Snacks provide

These salons will be hosted by Evolutionary Astrologers Shannon Gill & Russell Ohlhausen (The Shift Foundation) & Nancy Crossthwaite (Healer and founder of Lotus Energy Institute, as well as special guest speakers. 

We invite you to our home (Shan & Russ in Wimberley/Woodcreek). Please RSVP! There is parallel parking along the sides of the street in front of our house (making sure your tires are off of the pavement-they are a little strict here) —or— you can park in the parking lot of the Woodcreek City Hall a few blocks up on the left.

Anyone wanting to help out, please let us know. We are creating something a little different here. 

~May Everything Be Illuminated!~

We are grateful for DONATIONS ($10-$20 sliding) **If you have financial need just let us know.



Limited parking is available along the neighborhood streets in the grass. Please have your tires off of the pavement, as they are a little strict. 

Additional parking should be availble in the lot at the Woodcreek City Hall, a block south.

(Additional overflow parking is located the along the front of the entrance Baptist Church.)

Content Advisory:

**CONTENT: We will be openly discussing current important issues regarding health, Vacks Freedom, Mandates, Digital I-Ds, Divisive Controls, Controversial Invasive Tech, World Politics.. but most importantly how to navigate these issues externally and internally, physically and spiritually. We will be RAISING both AWARENESS and the FIELD… All are Welcome but IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THIS LEVEL OF DIALOGUE PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND.

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