Imagine all the People-II


Hosted by Shannon Gill & Russell von Ohlhausen

Now is the time to gather the people! The Shift Foundation has partnered with The Texas Nexus group for a special eye-opening cross community event. Is the pandemic just the start of something much much bigger? The planets & heavens declare it is! How can we make sense of it ALL? How do we protect ourselves practically, mentally and spiritually? What could this really mean for humanity? 

“May you live in interesting times”… whether this expression becomes a blessing or a curse is up to you. Everywhere the world is in a rapid state of change, powerful forces have united to bring about this shift in our world. The rabbit hole goes so much deeper than most people know. The COVID crisis that began in early 2020 has now morphed into what some are already referring to as World War III. With rising food and gas prices, inflation increasing at a rate unprecedented since the Great Depression and “wars and rumors of wars” taking over the collective mindset, how challenging are things likely to become? 

There is already a physical and spiritual war underway. Those who are ushering in this “Great Reset” in order to centralize power are wanting everyone to stay asleep to the “Great Awakening”. With so many blindly handing over their agency, it is the few who will rise to defend their personal and communal sovereignty, and help awaken others to do the same. 

The uncertainty about what is to come and how to prepare can be paralyzing, especially when contradictory narratives blare from the television and the people around us and then our own inner voice of fear kicks in, too. How do we bring forth our greatest gifts and contribution to humanity while everything we’ve known seems to be falling away?

On Sunday, April 3rd from 4:30-9pm, the powerful and igniting gathering: “Imagine All The People”, will be taking place at Vista West Ranch in Dripping Springs to dig into these questions and we would love to invite you to join us! 

**CONTENT: We will be openly discussing current important issues regarding health freedoms, mandates, digital IDs, divisive media, controversial invasive tech, the world political spectrum, spiritual beliefs, etc  All Are Welcome – BUT IF YOU CANNOT HANDLE THIS LEVEL OF DIALOGUE PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND.

What We Do

— We Serve

We are here to be in service (seva) to our community. Ultimately, it is all about service to the body, mind and to the neglected spirit. Each need nourishing equally. 

Time is a precious and finite commodity for everyone, so when it is given with no intent for financial gain it should be honored! We are the tradition of seva. Come serve the greater good with us!


— We Gather

We are here to unite community and in friendship with those around us.

Through our networks and outreach, we continue to bring individuals and organizations and those of ‘like-mind’ together to find what works for one another. The Shift is a nexus for connecting the efforts of the ‘higher minds’ coming online on the planet today.

— We Teach

We are here to teach and share the experiences of what we have learned.

The SHIFT is dedicated to using ancient wisdom and practices, parallel with contemporary knowledge, in order to assist higher levels of consciousness to activate one another and the planet.  

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