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For OUR PARallel Reality

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Get Prepared! BE FIRST & Join US as we come together now to create a grassroots network of consciousness raising communities — locally, statewide, nationally — beyond all barriers and borders! Through we are linking individuals,THOSE WHO WANT to START NEW COMMUNITIES OF THEIR OWN, and established yet disconnected Networks with like-minded people! & have Joined forces to create an AnsWer to big tech & other Social Media Censorship!  If it’s just you, friends & family, or a group start connecting now. don’t wait! AND IT IS FREE!

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Upcoming Events

EVENT: February 2023 ceremonial dance!

There is no Event


Rescheduled to Friday February 17th due to winter storm

Cosmic Ecstatic Dance and Ceremony

Please come celebrate the First Cross-Quarter of the year with us at the “Wellspring of the Heart” (Imbolc) Ceremonial Dance & Celebration, as we honor our journey into the ‘heart of darkness’, where we come to encounter the ‘Truth of our Light‘.

The solar cross-quarters, or four “fire festivals”, are connected to many rituals of the spiritual world, in ancient & modern pagan festivals, as well within organized religion. This February ritual, in many places, included visiting “holy wells” (haeligewielle), also called a holy hole, acting as a portal for connecting one to the Living Water and its source. Purified by the Sacred Waters (Aquarian hallmark!) we remember this Truth and become empowered to share our Sacred Flame and light the way for others.

Within the powerful portal of the Samadhi Pyramid we will dance our journey penetrating the cellular remembrance of who we are, & together we will rise and celebrate the shining beauty of our collective heart!


– 6:30-6:45: Arrival –

– 7:00: Procession ritual  –

– 7:30: Dance journey begins (pyramid door closes) –

– 9:00: Closing connection –

– 9:30: Departure & Breakdown (volunteers) –

Early bird $33

Come dance with us!

38 $ 33
  • Advance ticket: $33
  • At the Door: $38
Samadhi Pyramid exterior aerial view

Event Details

EVENT: Imbolc Cosmic Ecstatic Dance and Ceremony
DATE: February 17th (new date)
TIME: 7:00am – 9:30pm CST
PLACE: Samadhi Yoga Retreat –Wimberley/Canyon Lake

Weekend of JANUARY 20th - 22nd
Wimberley, Texas

The Outlook for 2023

The Shift Foundation on the “Beyond the Illusion” Podcast

What does 2023 have in store for us? Astrologers Shannon Gill and Russ Von Ohlhausen are back to illuminate the pathway for this new year, sharing the key cosmic happenings for the first half of 2023. This year’s theme is Initiation! Are you ready?


  • Review of recent astrology aspects and how they play into the themes we’re moving into 
  • “2023 is an existential rite of passage”How do the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional consciousnesses differ?
  • January starts off a bit slow due to Mars and Mercury Retrogrades.Ask yourself,
  • “Is your personal will aligned with the higher will?”
  • What’s the gift of retrogrades?
  • And more


Hosted by Shannon Gill & Russell von Ohlhausen



EVENT: Weekend Retreat
TIME: January 20th-22nd
PLACE: Samadhi Yoga Retreat – 
Wimberley/Canyon Lake

The SHIFT Foundation is delighted to announce we will be hosting a weekend retreat-explorative immersion, into ‘THE TECHNOLOGY OF HAPPINESS’  through cosmic attunement with the alchemy of astrology, music, song, dance, yoga & more!


– 2023 Astrology Forecast
– ‘LIVE YOUR LIGHT!’ personal astrology alignment explorations
 ‘Journey around the Zodiac’ – Dancing the archetypes!
– Kalachakra Yoga (all levels)
– Express your Soul-song singing!
– Frequency refinement practices
– Alchemical navigation tools
– Aquarius New Moon Ecstatic Dance Ceremony!

Since 2020, collectively we have been immersed in the cauldron of global transmutation…Many of us are waking up to the reality that now is the time to that we have to make decisions to either sink or swim! But there is another option —“why not just learn to FLY“! 

Moving in to 2023, we are charged with ‘CROSSING THE RAINBOW BRIDGE’, the boundaries between this world and the next! We are to take on the full-time employment of our soul’s purpose and to accelerate the actualization of our parallel reality within the New World! 

More info & ticket sales released soon, but please ‘save the date’ and let’s ride the rainbow bridge into 2023!  ***Onsite overnight accomdations are limited!

**CONTENT: All Are WELCOME! We will be openly discussing current important issues regarding health freedoms, current world events, many spiritual beliefs, etc. All Are WELCOME – BUT IF YOU KNOW YOURSELF TO BE EASILY TRIGGERED, CONFRONTATIONAL or SIMPLY CANNOT HANDLE THIS LEVEL OF DIALOGUE PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND!

What We Do

— We Serve

We are here to be in service (seva) to our community. Ultimately, it is all about service to the body, mind and to the neglected spirit. Each need nourishing equally. 

Time is a precious and finite commodity for everyone, so when it is given with no intent for financial gain it should be honored! We are the tradition of seva. Come serve the greater good with us!


— We Gather

We are here to unite community and in friendship with those around us.

Through our networks and outreach, we continue to bring individuals and organizations and those of ‘like-mind’ together to find what works for one another. The Shift is a nexus for connecting the efforts of the ‘higher minds’ coming online on the planet today.

— We Teach

We are here to teach and share the experiences of what we have learned.

The SHIFT is dedicated to using ancient wisdom and practices, parallel with contemporary knowledge, in order to assist higher levels of consciousness to activate one another and the planet.  

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